Monday, September 27, 2010

Mr. Hermit

What do you require of me Mr.Hermit? Why have you sprung up today? I can't say I am surprised. Really. Your presence is both terrifying and welcome. Terrifying because you verify much for me at this time.

How inward shall I go? How still must I be? And for how long? How quiet and deafening must my world be in order to hear you? May my lantern shine half as bright as yours, otherwise I am in serious trouble.

What advice will you give through your cloak? Through the tilting of your head? Through that downward pose? What will you whisper? Stay or go? That is the question, is it not? To stay or to go.

What would it mean to stay? You are a clue to an answer. Paradoxically, you lean towards some kind of movement--a movement towards stillness to discover truth or a revelation which has the potential of affecting the course of one's life. Is this not true? I can not take you lightly.

I know you. I am you now. I dwell in a serene place but just below there is a stirring. There is great knowledge and wisdom in your demeanor. You are gentle and kind. You understand the way of this world. You see what must be done. You question. You are unsure and so you seek because you sense there is more and you are unsatisfied with what is. You know I've been searching. You know I must ask and you see that I do but you do not respond.

Why do you not respond? Am I not worthy? Have I become selfish? Will I forever be the lonely child in the sandbox whom no one cares to ask how she is because she never makes a sound?

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