Sunday, October 17, 2021


In that space and moment when the noise stops, that's where you'll find yourself.

It's're quiet. You can hear sounds coming from outside - laughter, a whistle, cars zipping by, a faraway plane.

You can see the curtains billowing as though they were breathing. And the leaves of plants moving to and fro due to a fan on the right that sits on a wooden cabinet.

Despite all of these sounds, it's quiet. There's no where to go, no where to be. It's all just right here...the world in its entirety. 

When aloneness borders on loneliness, that's when it hurts. Then it isn't quiet anymore. All you hear is the sound of a storm coming from deep within. All you can hear is the nonsense and chatter of a tired mind, and unrelenting. There's nothing pleasant about these sounds.