Tuesday, March 30, 2010


She sits with him along the edge of the shore.
His head fills with thoughts, spilling over
getting washed away by waves.
He reaches for one and then another but they escape him.
She asks him what he's doing
but the moment is gone and he's too busy
chasing after more thoughts.

The sun starts to set
and he can feel the chill rise up inside
from the tips of his toes
to the top of his head and out
crashing down all around them.

He's aware of lines
but his heart moves in circles
into the beyond.
She says nothing
And everything.

Dreams are good and enticing
in his mind
so he keeps her there
in silence,
still and unmoving,
among pink and orange skies,
green trees,
chirping birds and
diamond waters,
he can neither trust himself

Nor her.

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Anonymous said...

"he's aware of lines
but his heart moves in circles"