Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Conversations with the Page of Wands

What do you want?
You summoned me.

What do I need to know?
Would you like me to tell you what you already know?

What would the point in that be?

So this is going to be nothing but riddles, huh?
This will be whatever you want it to be.

I don't know what I want.
Oh, but you do.
I bring good news which is exactly what you need.

I'm trying to understand who or what you represent in my life. I sense my life will never be the same now that you've entered it.
You must choose.

Accept or decline.

Now, that would be too easy. I may be young but I'm not stupid.

Why must I even choose? Why not carry on as before?
Well there, you made your choice.

Hold on a second. I don't even know what I'm choosing between?
Your old and new life.
You must display your love to the world even if it makes you feel uncomfortable.
You must continue to let your heart say what it must.
You can change the course of your destiny.
Change will come. It has come. It is here.
You think no one hears you.
You sense it's all for nothing.
I'm here to tell you that others are listening.
You are inspired and so you must keep going.
I support you.
I am the spark and the light of creation.

You have so much fire, so much passion. Why bother with me?
I see potential. I see the birth of new things.

I'm afraid. What if the excitement compels me to cross a line?
Then you'll deal with whatever transpires. Isn't that what the Strength card tells you?

No, it's the Lust card that tells me that--Crowley had a different focus.

Morality and ethics weigh heavy on me. There's an inner struggle that's taken shape but it's feeding my creativity. It's this struggle that keeps me inspired to keep exploring. It just seems all wrong and yet so right. I don't want it any other way. I've always done the right thing. I will always do the right thing. I'm just not so sure what the right thing is. Is the voice of tradition speaking or am I evolving into my self? The card tells me I'm walking into danger but that I'll know how to handle it. I must be the maiden taming the lion.

There is no danger here except for the danger you create in your mind. Doesn't the Lust card also tell you to delight in the moment? To engage with life? To pay attention?

I wish I had your vision, your lightheartedness, your enthusiasm.
I don't show up in a reading unless the querent possesses these qualities...

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J. Alexander Smith said...

Shall we dance and after words dance some more?