Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Unspoken Words

I stood in the silence of my heart hoping to be anchored as he uttered
his senseless words
Only to discover there was no silence there but a tempest of great
magnitude waiting eagerly to spill over and devour this scene

I grabbed hold of my book of secrets
raising this jewel to my untamed and roaring heart
I whispered as loudly as I could
I pleaded to remain calm
I tried to comfort her
"Remember, they're only words. Only words."

I felt the heat of the sun on my face but longed for the coolness of the moon
I mustered a smile as my eyes reached for his
I'd recalled how that morning, in the bath, I'd taken my bottles of
lavender and rose oil and added a few drops of each to the water, how
I'd said a little prayer, how I'd set an intention, how I'd pronounced
the words with such power and emphasis, it became a mantra
My heart's chant

The space widened
I slowly crawled out of my abyss
And he saw. I saw that he could see.
But what did it matter now?
What good is a Prince when you're already a Queen?
What good is his light if my dark outshines his?

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