Monday, November 6, 2023

Water Body

One foot in and one foot out. Waves, like music, wash over me. The clouds have made their way in and with them, the rain. 

I raise my head up to embrace the mercy that's coming for me. Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. Now, I have to close my eyes. What does it matter though? Water is rising up from within. There's no stopping it and no point in denying the eruption. 

You're a moment in time forever encapsulated in this moment in time...I like that. It makes me smile. It makes me sad. Nothing lasts. Not the good. Not the bad. 

How unfair it is to be taken by surprise. How callous. And that I should be grateful for the sudden inspiration? I suppose I should be. I doubt I'd be writing this otherwise. 

Still, it's cruel. To feel so much in such a harsh world. Where can I go? Where can I feel alive? Before I'm dried up and useless? Where? Where? I beg the gods to tell me. Roll those boulders across the sky. I told them before and I tell them again...I don't need their mercy.

You see, I don't mind the rain. Or thunderstorms. The more they usher forth, the more I thrive. Here I am. I am here. Here. I am. This must be where I belong. In the darkness, by the light of the moon under a temperamental sky. 

I wish for the eternal in and through my bones. But, bones are not eternal. Wait. Wait. They are eternal. There's no such thing as garbage. Nothing is ever gone, only transformed. 

I do not reside in my bones. I live among the unseen where nothing is destroyed and all is sacred.

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