Monday, January 17, 2011

Works, Indolence, Happiness

Three of Pentacles (Works), Eight of Cups (Indolence), Ten of Cups (Happiness)

I saw myself in Rider Waite's Eight of Cups--my back to the cups in the forefront of the card. I felt the figure's heaviness, my heaviness, disappointment, melancholy. Like a mirror, my Now was reflected back to me, with such uncanny precision, I wanted nothing more than to reach out and hold this being in the card, to reach out and hold my Self. What is s/he moving away from? Leaving behind? And what is s/he moving towards? Why is s/he moving at all? Is it necessary?

I saw myself in the Three of Pentacles too--people working together to create some kind of community. There's purpose and aim, mission and vision. This speaks to me in ways I had not imagined, ever, for myself, that I could be involved in a way that promotes change, builds foundation, creates something tangible and real. Works speaks to creativity and the manifestation of thought and will, the fruits of one's labours, the idea that we will reap what we sow.

And in the future position, I find the Ten of Cups. What a happy card, dare I say? But I notice, here too, that the couple's backs are facing me. Their arms are up in the air, and children are playing to their right. There is a rainbow as well which, I assume, they are probably marveling at. I feel that they are indeed very content and satisfied, fulfilled and uplifted. It is a good and wholesome family card. And as an outcome card, I understand, that this represents what I want and desire and not what is?

I chose to speak of Indolence first because it represents the present position, Works, the past, and again, Happiness, the future. It falls in the center between, what I perceive to be, two positive cards. It is with the present that I must work because essentially, it is bringing light to an obstacle of some sort that needs to be resolved, in order to draw, into my life, that which I want. My only reservation is why I should walk away at all, or from anything, or whatever this obstacle represents. Is there not another way? It sounds like the figure is giving up. But the card says, walking away is the resolution. Walking away is synonymous with acknowledgment, acceptance, and understanding that one's circumstances are no longer bringing one any contentment. The card says that this situation, this thing, has outgrown me.

How do I walk away when I don't understand what I'm supposed to be walking away from?

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