Thursday, March 23, 2017

Me And My World

There's only me and my World.

Minus the crooks, liars and cheats.
Minus the mobsters, their wives and their mistresses.
Oh, how I pity these women. 

Do you really think he ever loved you?
Tell me, do you think Hitler was capable of love? 
It isn't possible.
You were nothing but new shiny earrings on a mannequin.
You were the mannequin - empty and hollow. And not because you're empty and hollow. But, because you bought into the lies. You fell under the spell of the Magician. It was all illusion, wasn't it? But, I'm sure, at first, it felt like he put on a good show.
Some of you fell for the bling and the flash - the jewelry, the cars, the house, his touch and charm - the 'fantasy' or what some would call 'the good life'.
And when it was all said and done, you even paid with your life.

I hope you're able to exercise your revenge from beyond the grave.
You'll have to ask the Angels for permission, though, but I doubt they'd allow it...unless, they're Demons. Will you even know the difference?
You can forget God. 
You killed your God a long time ago. 
It makes no difference that you christened your children, that you put crucifixes around your boys' necks. What did it matter? 
God was never there.
God stopped listening.

There's only me and my World.
Minus anyone mean and cruel.
Minus the thugs, the selfish and the greedy.
Minus people like you.

There's only me and my World.
Ladybugs and butterflies.
Fields of lush green grass.
Majestic trees.
The oceans and the stars.
The Moon and the Sun.
Spiders and centipedes.
Knives and Swords.
Alligators and venomous snakes...

So if you happen to stumble my way, 
I'll be ready for you.

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