Monday, December 7, 2015

The Prince of Fire: Part 2

People are interesting. Though, not that interesting.

Some people are stupid and yes, they really are stupid.

I can be stupid, too.  I've been thinking about the words, "free spirit." What does it mean when someone says s/he is a free spirit? I'm beginning to see they aren't free spirits at all because being a free spirit doesn't give you permission to be an ass-hole.

I'm thinking these folks are simply...capricious. They're hot and cold. So bloody temperamental. They're of one mind today but of a different mind, tomorrow. Today, they'll say yes when they mean no and tomorrow, they'll say no when they mean yes. They can't keep their word. That's why they can't ANYthing. It's not because they're living in the moment. It's because they refuse to make any kind of decision that requires them to be kind to another, to be respectful. They don't want to be held accountable. They can be fickle, changeable, unpredictable...yes...capricious.

Good riddance.

Since when does being a "free spirit" give you the right to be disrespectful? To be a total shithead? To be inconsiderate? All I see is a spirit in chains. Fools.

Now, if a "free spirit" can treat me like a nobody...can treat someone like me, who's been nothing but good and kind to them, like a nobody, imagine how they are in the world with people they're actually close to? One might say, "Well, that's different." I say, "No, not different at all." How we treat anyone is how we treat everyone.

I like that I have respect for myself.

I will not be that woman who waits and waits and waits for some idiot to tell me that he forgot to do something, that he forgot to follow through with what he said he'd follow through with...not again. How much do you suppose a person cares when they do the opposite of what they say they're going to do? How much do you suppose you're even in their thoughts? How much can you matter?

You don't matter. If you mattered at all, they'd be apologizing...they'd be doing, at the very least, that much.

Oh...but wait a minute...hmmm...I guess I should be putting myself in the other person's shoes? I guess I should give them the benefit of the doubt? You know...because we all make mistakes. That's true. But, what if a person keeps making the same ones? Am I required to tolerate that?


And, guess what? It's okay that they don't try to make things right. Because they've proven they don't matter, either.

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