Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lifestyle Changes

I'm amazed at the number of changes I've experienced over the past few years with a change in diet and lifestyle. If someone had told me back in the day that there was a connection between what you put in your mouth and how you look and feel, I would have thought they were crazy. But I know better now. The shape of my face has changed, is more refined, and my jaw area more defined. My skin has cleared up after years of blotchy and oily skin. I remember buying into the media thinking that if I just purchased the latest cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, my skin would clear up. The amount of money I spent chasing a dream that 'could' never be, as a result of commercial beauty products, became self-defeating and very depressing. I covered my skin with powder, sometimes foundation never missing a day, ever. I never imagined leaving my home without some kind of cover up.

When I changed what I ate by also leaving out processed and refined foods, I noticed little miracles within the first week. I lost excess weight, which I had not anticipated or imagined. In fact, it had not even been a goal of mine. But that's the beauty of making lifestyle changes versus 'going on a diet.' The former implies a way of life, the latter, a temporary state of being. I don't fall prey to the latest beauty ads. I had to work hard to get where I am and although it wasn't and isn't always easy, it's well worth it. It all comes down to daily choices--whether to have a soda pop or a green juice, french fries or a baked sweet potato, white rice or whole grain pasta. . .It is my conscious decision to have good quality foods each day that have helped transform me.

About two years ago, I remember being in an elevator heading to work, and realizing with great horror that I had forgotten to put on my face powder. Then, I remembered I didn't even have any powder left. I had 'forgotten' to buy some. Since then, I have never purchased or used face powder again. That for me, was a great accomplishment although I had never set out to have clear skin with a change in diet. This too was as incidental as losing weight, just something that happens when you eat well. I can now say, that healthy hair and skin is an inside job. A good working digestive system is key to health and wellbeing.

And people want it easy. I know what that means, what that feels like. We want the latest supplement or magic pill to cure us of our ails, to slow down the signs of aging, to suppress hunger, to help us sleep or keep us awake, to keep us thin--all so that we can keep on living and justifying our unhealthy lifestyles. But as someone once told me, 'you can't fool mother nature.' My advice--Eat your fruits and vegetables, get some sunshine, sleep well, have fun, find your passion. And remember, you get a harvest from the seeds that you plant and how you tend to them.

Until next time, best wishes.


J. Alexander Smith said...

This looks like a very promising blog. I just wish were more posts.

Aniko said...

Fun read..."healthy hair and skin is an inside job" it. :)